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In the year 2013, Sacred Bridge has reached its 15th year. It’s a very young age compared to many other organizations that have stood for over 50 or even 100 years. However, such a length of time is worth rejoicing since there have been countless of difficult challenges that cover financial, political, social and personnel matters.

The rejoice is less on the 15 years that we have travelled, but much more on the supports from everyone who have believed in our vision, understood our concerns and participated in our activities. Without these supports, we would not stand a chance to survive this far.

It is for this very reason we kindly invite you to take part in our efforts in materializing the ideals within the cultural sector. We would be grateful for any kind of support that you could share, may it be thoughts and ideas, time, networks, equipments, services or financial assistance.

Choose how you can participate in our mission:
 – Volunteer and Internship Program
 – In-Kind and Financial Assistance