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Humans have traveled the time for millions of years; our long past has given us countless lessons, and yet we are still unable to defeat our worst nemesis: ourselves. Yes, we have done the impossible and wonderful things; we have discovered and explored science, invented and developed technologies, found cures for various illnesses, and many more.

These achievements deserve a sincere applause indeed, but we should remember that new discoveries tend to force changes. According to history, changes may be for the better and/or the worse.

Do new discoveries and inventions automatically dismiss our bad side manner? Or correct unfavorable situations? Of course not. We have institutionalized education for more than a thousand years, but are we now wiser beings? Not really. We still practice war in its many faces as in information, culture, politics, technology and economy. The strong still dominates the weak. The affluent is still a tiny fraction of the population. A large number of us enjoy consumerism at the price of polluted world and deteriorated environment.

Are these words signs of despair or negativity? Certainly not; saying these words is none other than being honest about ourselves and the reality we are in. It is difficult to envision a better world for the future based on what and where we are, but it should not stop us from attempting to make one. We need to be aware of and honest about the hardship that we will face, and yet we shall stay determined to rise above it. By doing so, let us hope that it will prevent us from being in contempt of the future for our children.