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The Sacred Bridge Foundation has been restructuring the organisation as a whole since the declining health condition of Mr. Serrano Sianturi. He passed away on the 26th of January 2019. He is no longer with us today but his beautiful spirit, inspiration, and love are still around us. The Sacred Bridge is now Reborn, marked by the 2019 gathering on the 13th of January ( The new managing board has now been formed as a means to regenerate and to re-establish the foundation towards the future. The change has been initiated and agreed by Mr. Sianturi himself with the acknowledgment and consent from the active founders.

Sacred Bridge Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1998. Since the beginning, the organization has been a home to individuals of different generations with distinct background and expertise. The founding members already represent such diversity, from those who are deceased and those who are still living including the active and the inactive founders.

Stomu Yamash’ta (Composer & Musician), Stephen Hill (Sociologist), Philippe Delanghe (Sociologist) and I Nyoman Astita (Composer & Musician) who are still living today. Those who already passed away including Serrano Sianturi (1960-2019) (Economist), Umar Kayam (Historian), Nurcholish Madjid (Islamic Scholar) and Roby Soelarto (Architect), while Franki Raden (Ethnomusicologist) and Tony Rudyansyah (Anthropologist) had been inactive since the very beginning.

Within the first eight years, the Foundation had mourned for the untimely departures of three of the founding members: Roby Soelarto, Umar Kayam, and Nurcholish Madjid. Their presence and guidance are very much missed, but their legacies in the organization live on. At later time, Tony Rudyansyah returned to teaching at the University of Indonesia, a “habitat” he left for quite a while. Franki Raden has been inactive most of the years due to his doctorate study in the United States, and later due to his personal pursuits.

From the beginning, Sacred Bridge Foundation has been led by Serrano Sianturi, while Stomu Yamash’ta has chaired the Advisory Board with Stephen Hill as a member. Although living abroad, both gentlemen are actively involved in most activities conducted by the Foundation.

To guarantee and maintain the objectivity and independency of its works, Sacred Bridge Foundation operates more on self-reliant funding and occasional project-based grants. It’s never easy, but with the support from partners and volunteers, Sacred Bridge has managed to implement numerous mid and long range programs in Indonesia and abroad. In the year 2000, Sacred Bridge Foundation was the first private cultural organization in Indonesia being recognized as a cultural counterpart by UNESCO.

[Updated: February 8, 2019]