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Information technology has given births to Web-based and “social” media that give new ways in how people seek, gain, disseminate, share, and also respond to the information. In the days when conventional media ruled the flow of information, every channel of media was quite clear and identifiable with regards to their organization, purpose, objective, message, capacity and domain; not only that, every medium also complied with the agreed upon rules of the game. Web-based and “social” media, on the other hand, hold no standard of anything, may it be ethical, capability or accountability. The absence of common standard has resulted in extreme differences of quality level within the contents, ranging from complete trash to journalistically or academically arguable.

Web-based and “social” media are real and getting stronger everyday. The problem is not about the growing usage of these media, but about whether the contents quality known by and matters to most users. If not, then the use of these new media may result in harming rather than benefiting societies around the world. With such concerns in mind, Sacred Bridge decides to take part in contributing sound contents that focus in culture related issues. The aims are to provide accountable and inspiring thoughts, ideas, practices and events around the world, and to promote cross cultural understanding, respect and cooperation globally.