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Sacred Rhythm Festival

Interfaith & Interdisciplinary Forum

This series is intended for improving the level of understanding, respect and appreciation among individuals, groups, and communities coming from different backgrounds and generations.

Delivery format of this program varies depending on the issue to be addressed. So far, the program has been delivered in the forms of seminar, group discussion, sharing forum, and music clinic.

Conscience in Harmony was an interfaith music clinic involving 6 ritual music groups of different religions or beliefs: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucius, Hindu (of Tengger), Islam, and Sunda Wiwitan. This program was triggered by our concern over the escalating disputes among the stakeholders of Borobudur Temple at the end of 2001. The clinic was a part of the main program entitled “Restoring the Significance of Borobudur Temple”.

At the end of the clinic all groups performed collaboratively at the Temple before the public audience. The clinic’s primary aims are to help easing the disputes, and to promote differences and diversity as sources of enrichment, not tensions and conflicts. The program was carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, and UNESCO.

At later time, Sacred Bridge organized another interfaith music clinic and discussion entitled Music in the Eyes of Religions that involved religious scholars along with three ritual music groups representing Catholics, Hindu and Islam. This event took place at Paramadina University, Jakarta in 2006.

Suicide Bombing in the Eyes of Religions was another interfaith program intended for confronting the bombing attacks that happened in many countries including Indonesia. Participants in this discussion forum consisted of a former bomb maker, religious authorities and scholars, and university students. This discussion was carried out in partnership with Pusat Studi Islam dan Kenegaraan (PSIK) or Center of Islamic and State Governance Studies, organized also at Paramadina University, Jakarta in 2009.

In addition to the interfaith program series, Sacred Bridge also organized interdisciplinary discussion forum. Responding to earthquakes that shook many areas in Indonesia and swept many lives, Sacred Bridge raised the issue to elevate the public’s knowledge on natural disasters (and the mitigation) by presenting a discussion entitled Natural Disasters in the Eyes of Culture, Religions, Science, and Economics.

The speakers were Iwan Tjitradaja (Anthropologist of the University of Indonesia), Bambang Brodjonegoro (Economist of the University of Indonesia), Budhy Munawar (Islamic Scholar and Researcher), and I Putu Puja (Volcanologist of Climatology, Meteorology and Geophysics Agency).

In April 2012, another interdisciplinary forum entitled Interaction Network was launched. Its main objective was to encourage better acquaintance, share of knowledge and problems, and cooperation among individuals and groups who have been involved in Sacred Bridge’s works. Participants were coming from myriad fields covering Anthropology, Archaeology, Arts, Corporate Business, Education, Ethnomusicology, Psychology, Tourism, Visual Communication, etc.