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Tensions, conflicts and wars are always present in our life. The scale and intensity may very from time to time, but even the lightest tension could grow into a major conflict or even war as proven many times in our history. As much as everyone wants and promotes peace, war is still very much a latent threat to humankind. Why? Well, human is still, by nature, a territorial being; when the territory is felt threatened, response is taken in many different and sometimes irrational ways. The territory itself is not just physical, but also in abstract forms like science, economy, technology, ideology, etc. In these abstract territories, domination and dependency “co-exist”; the unproportional weight between these two has been the fundamental reason behind the tensions, conflicts and wars among us.

Identifying this key cause of the matter is the first important step, but it needs to be followed by actions and perseverance by all. When political and economic dialogs seem to have failed the world so far, we should return to the very fabric of humankind: culture. Culture is a much more neutral zone to accommodate mutual understanding and respect; therefore, cultural dialog should be put at the forefront in transforming the unproportional weight between domination and dependency into mutual enrichment.