Intercultural Dialog Cultivation of Roots Arts New Media Capacity Building Cultural Education For The Young

Children and teenagers are the most important layers of the society to Sacred Bridge Foundation. They are the ones who will inherit the good and the bad of what we do today. Children today grow up in the midst of dense population, consumerism, crime & violence, advancement of information technology, intense competition, and widening gap between the fortunate and the unfortunate. So it must be very uneasy for the young to survive this part of wilderness.

Indications of unfavorable changes in how the young generation thinks and behaves have already appeared. Lacking social solidarity, being materialistic, unfamiliar with the environment, wanting things the easy way, and neglecting their own culture are the emerging characteristics that we see more and more everyday. If they were not equipped with the good basics, then they would survive the future through unimaginable ways. It was out of this concern that Sacred Bridge in 2001 proposed special programs to address such a threat.