Intercultural Dialog Cultural Education For The Young New Media Capacity Building Cultivation of Roots Arts

Roots are essential; if we had no roots, how would we stand and grow? Roots in this case do not mean ethnic, traditional or “world” as the record labels use to differentiate the music that is not categorized as the Western-based music. What we mean by Roots arts is any art resulted from the response of people or individual toward the issues or subject they encounter on the basis of their localities (historical, social, political, environmental, political, technological, and/or cultural contexts).

Doesn’t that make all music in the world Roots music? Mainly yes, but if we look in a little deeper, there is a common practice in music that does not quite fall into this term. Western-based music has dominated the music scene worldwide for over 60 years. Massive numbers of people outside of the Western hemisphere, who never live, understand, or even aware of the contexts, tend to favor such music and reproduce the music exactly using the same musical structure. The musicians and lyrics may be local, but the structure remains foreign. In this situation, the musicians do play Roots music, but the music (re)produced is not rooted in the individual.