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Intra and Inter Arts of Asia Clinic 

Diversity has become a daily vocabulary in society. The world itself, as frequently said, is a diverse place. Such diversity is often stated as a blessing or anything that projects positive connotation, but have we comprehended its true meaning? Seeing what has continued to take place (racism, civil war, terrorism, genocide, economic domination, etc.) around the world, the level of our comprehension is still far down below.

In arts practice, diversity boils down to the interrelationship between the global materials, along with their influences, and local resources; we call this interaction as glocality. How people treat and comprehend local and/or foreign materials determines the level of the mutual enrichment between the two.

Being aware of the importance of mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect is a good start in cultivating diversity, but unfortunately is not enough. These three basic elements should be intrinsic to our daily thoughts and behavior. For this reason, Sacred Bridge initiated a cross-cultural clinic utilizing arts as the vehicle to improve the practice of understanding, tolerance and respect within the society. This program was launched in January, 2013; it is designed as a mid range activity that will run for at least two years.