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The 21st Century Global Music Education

As mentioned a few times, music today has lost its true roles, meanings and values. Making music is no longer a response to the surrounding environment and its context; it is mostly a way of making a living (i.e. money), and getting famous. Today, hardly anyone perceives music as a mix of expression, science and spirituality. Music has transformed into an entertainment business. The economic potential that was once only an aspect and a subsequence now rules the music, and this happens in most part of the world.

If we let this rolls, we may lose one of the most precious human creations that has stimulated our mind and heart for thousands of years. Something Must be done to prevent this decaying process, and Sacred Bridge set out to do just that. The event was held at the Bedugul National Park, Bali in 2009.

GAUNG was a global scale program involving masters and musicians from eight countries: Australia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. Spiritual masters of different religions and beliefs attending the event, and they were Sosho Yamada (Abbot of the Zen temple Daitokuji in Kyoto), Syekh Marzuki Hasan (Acehnese Sufi Art Master), and the late Puang Matoa (a Bisu or spiritual leader of an ancient local belief in South Sulawesi). They were also joined by music virtuosos such as Stomu Yamash’ta, Jean Claude Eloy, Christy Smith, and Greg Schimmer. Indonesian music giants like Komang Astita, I Wayan Sadra and Irwansyah Harahap also attended.

In addition to reposition and revive the science and spirituality of music, GAUNG attempted to break down not only barriers and walls among musical genres, but also domination of certain genres over others. Besides musicians, ethnomusicologists and the program manager of the famous Esplanade in Singapore were also among the participants.