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Restoring the Intangible Significance of Borobudur Temple

As mentioned very briefly before, Sacred Bridge and UNESCO Jakarta Office, with the support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, initiated a capacity building program for the stakeholders of Borobudur Temple. Approaching the end of 2001, a draft plan on relocating the informal business (souvenir and services) vendors triggered a dispute and days of demonstration. With program design already in hand, Sacred Bridge and UNESCO expedited the implementation, and started in January, 2002. The program not only reached the informal vendors, but also managing agencies of the temple, local educational institution personnel, religious leaders and craftsmen.

The program was formatted as an action research work containing field findings, clinic, and hands-on exercises. Samples in this research were all active subjects. The main objective of this program was to equip the stakeholders, particularly the local, with fundamental knowledge of human development. The duration of this fieldwork was two years, followed by periodic monitoring in the next year.