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Striving for betterment, and often impatiently, many nations adopt and implement various ideas, knowledge, culture, technology, model, down to life style, fashion and entertainment coming from outside. There is actually nothing wrong with this practice. Everything, however, can completely go the other way if we do it carelessly without properly understanding, again, the contexts of these subjects first. While doing it, we neither understand nor are familiar with our own local wisdoms. It may go even worse if we then throw them away as if it were meaningless and useless.

This has already been happening; how people think and behave have transformed into something absurd. In daily traffic for example, people drive around in cars, but most maneuver as pedestrians; stop and turn as they please as if they walk. Every one wants to be a better human, but education is now all about getting a degree, not sharpening the mind and deepening conscience. Most want to have some sort of achievement in life, but process and hard work is the last thing on mind.

Most nations also want to industrialize themselves, but instead of prioritize the industrializing subsistent economy many ignore it by implanting type of industries that they do not even have the knowledge and technology. The urge to become modern practically kills modernism itself. It’s a paradox that most do not realize that they are the subjects who created it.

A healthy mind and conscience is harder and harder to find, but that is exactly why Scared Bridge is committed to confront this matter. In this program, Scared Bridge attempts to re-educate communities on three main sections. First is rediscovering local roots, history and knowledge; second is on understanding the contexts of incoming forces, and third is about making wise choices while standing between internal wisdoms and foreign influences.